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Monday, 6 September 2010

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The Liar IGP(rtd) Musa Hassan’s revolting interview with Utusan Malaysia

by Din Merican

Muslims are now in the last 4 nights of Ramadan. Usually at this time, they are more reflective–muhasabah diri– as they await Lailatul Qadr, the Night of Honour, a night better than a thousand months. It is the night when the angels descend on earth on God’s errand taking account of Man’s deeds throughout the last one year; the night when good men would seek atonement for mistakes of the past year. And it is the night when God would Forgive Man for all his sins and Bless him for the coming year.

With that being the mindset of most practicing Muslims, you would expect the son of an ulamak (actually just a guru mengaji) like Musa Hassan as the retiring IGP to show humility in his last official interview. You would expect to hear him apologise for any weakness during his tenure heading the Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM). You would expect contrite and reflection. But No! There was none of that. Instead his statements almost made me puke.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein has announced that Tan Sri Musa Hassan will retire as the Inspector-General of Police (IGP)

Yes! I almost puked after reading Musa Hassan’s interview with Utusan Malaysia with the caption “Saya rasa puas berkhidmat”. Both Musa Hassan and Utusan Malaysia were spinning yarns of lies of his achievements, as if Malaysians are ignorant idiots of what had happened to the country during his tenure as IGP.

Tunku Abdul Aziz’s article

To awaken both Musa Hassan and Utusan Malaysia from their fantasy, I would invite them to just read Tunku Abdul Aziz’s article “Putting Musa Hassan to Pasture Was An Act of God For Malaysia: Good Riddance!” Tunku Abdul Aziz’z article, which I posted on this blog earlier, could not have been more timely. It pre-empted the lies in the Utusan interview as if by Providence.

Former Vice-Chairman of Transparency International and Former special adviser on ethics to the United Nations secretary-general Tunku Abdul Aziz with Tan Sri Robert Phang and Tun Haniff.

The normally amiable, gentlemanly and kind-worded Tunku Abdul Aziz did not mince his words when he wrote that “ Musa should never have been appointed the nation’s top dog in the first place” and that “Musa had been denounced as an ‘Unreliable Witness’ by the Court in Sabah”.

Musa’s “sermon” on religion revolting

I was revolted to read of Musa’s “sermon” on religion as the foundation for his policing principles and beliefs. This was a man who had done the worst disservice to Islam and PDRM. If anyone wanted to learn about Islam or appreciate police work, they would immediately be turned off by him and the things he did.

Musa blamed the alternative media for the negative perception. In a nutshell, none of it was his fault.

Let me just sum up the Utusan interview by saying that Musa blamed everyone else for all the problems that occurred in the country and for the high crime index. He blamed the Immigrations Department and the Customs Department for the crimes by foreigners. He blamed the Malaysian society for the domestic crimes. He blamed the alternative media for the negative perception. In a nutshell, none of it was his fault.

For the breakdown of command in PDRM, he blamed the Ministry of Home Affairs. He took a swipe at the former Deputy Minister, Dato’ Johari Baharom, who discovered his ties with the illegal money lending Ah Long syndicate. He took a swipe at Dato’ Ramli Yusuff for detaining his friend, the criminal Goh Cheng Poh. He also took a swipe at Minister Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin Hussein whom the public knew was against Musa’s attempt to get a third extension. This was what Musa said about Hishammuddin’s decision not to renew his contract: “Siapa nak offer kalau Menteri dah cakap kontrak saya ditamatkan?”

This was what Musa said about Hishammuddin’s decision not to renew his contract: “Siapa nak offer kalau Menteri dah cakap kontrak saya ditamatkan?”

But what I found most revolting was his sense of self grandeur when he said that he was a blessed person because he was born on 2nd Aidiladha and retires in Ramadan – “ Allah berkati saya, saya dilahirkan pada hari yang baik dan dan tamat perkhidmatan pada hari yang baik juga”. Come on Musa! Don’t you know that Malaysians, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, have been cursing you for the high crimes in this country? Don’t you know that they have been cursing ex-PM Abdullah Badawi for having extended your contract for two years in 2007? Malaysians are also cursing Pak Lah for his facade of religiosity whereas they now know that he too, like that “iconic’ bumiputra businessman Tajuddin Ramli, was all long plundering MAS.

ex-PM Abdullah Badawi for having extended Musa contract for two years in 2007

Don’t you know that Malaysians have been making prayers that Prime Minister Najib and Home Affairs Minister Hishammuddin would be given divine guidance not to renew your contract? Finally divine guidance has come and thus their prayers answered in the month of Ramadan and your contract is no longer renewed (By the way, Ramadan ends on 10th September, so your retirement on September 12 is not in Ramadan). That is why Tunku Abdul Aziz’z article refers to your retirement as an Act of God. So please do not flatter yourself about your birth and your retirement. As far as most Malaysians are concerned, it is GOOD RIDDANCE!

Recalling Roslan Dahlan’s humiliation in 2007

I am writing this piece with a degree of revulsion as my original intention was to write about Lailatul Qadr and its significance to Muslims. I wanted to write about it because I remember Lawyer Rosli Dahlan being very sad that in 2007, during the nights that he keeps Qiamul Lail (night prayers) to await Lailatul Qadr, he was instead arrested in the most brutal and humiliating way. He appeared to be very affected by the fact that he spent that night in a cramped damp cell making prayers beside a wc toilet hole. He appeared extremely sad, as if God was sending His angels to punish him. He appeared perplexed why all that had to befall him when he felt he had done nothing wrong. He kept wondering what is God’s message in all these.

Rosli Dahlan, 46( in 2007), a partner in an established law firm, claimed the timing to prosecute him on the eve of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, was calculated to humiliate him.

I knew Rosli was deeply affected because when I approached him after Dato’ Ramli was acquitted and tried to assure him that all should be okay with his case; his answer was a poignant “ And my trial is again during malam Tiga Likur, during Lailatul Qadr!”. For the benefit of my non-Muslim readers, that means the last three nights of Ramadan.

I felt sad for Rosli that he should be questioning himself again and again as if that was divine retribution for some wrong which he did which he knew not . I tried calling him since yesterday but he would not answer my call. I am told that he did not want to be disturbed, that he i’tiqaf in the mosque as is the practice of good muslim men. I felt sad that a man much younger than I should feel such self guilt to want to seek redemption and atonement.

I wanted to tell Rosli that there is no atonement that he needs to do for this incident. This is not his fault. This is the fault of evil men. Evil men like Musa Hassan, Gani Patail and that faggot Kevin Morais. And men like his own class mate, Dato’ Nordin Hassan who was the MACC Director for Prosecution when Rosli was charged, and the current MACC Chief Commissioner, Dato’ Abu Kassim, for not daring to do the right thing by withdrawing the charge. I wanted to tell Rosli that he was just collateral damage for daring to do the right thing in defending Dato’ Ramli Yusuff during the onslaught by that Unholy Trinity .

A victim of the Unholy Trinity

I wanted to tell him that there is nothing for him to be ashamed of. In fact, his steadfastness and resoluteness in these times of adversities is what that defines him as an outstanding man and is much admired by ordinary Malaysians out there. I wanted tell him not to think too much and suffer guilt just because Dato’ Ramli Yusuff and Dato’ Yasin (Rtd Brig-Gen) have been acquitted. God willing, Rosli would be acquitted before Hari Raya Aidilfitri. And even if he is not, there would be a hikmah behind all that, for God works in mysterious ways.

Resumption of Lawyer Rosli’s Trial (September 6-8, 2010)

So when Rosli’s trial resumes tomorrow September 6 for three days to September 8, I want Rosli to know that all Malaysians are with me in praying for his release and full vindication. I want him to know that we believe in his innocence and that the truth will be known, unlike the lies spun by Musa Hassan in the Utusan Malaysia’s interview.

Malaysians are with me in praying for Rosli release and full vindication.

I believe that based on all the testimonies I heard from the stands in court over these months there is no basis for the Judge to convict Lawyer Rosli. I recall the lies of the key witness Kevin Morais under oath and the antics and dramatics of the lead DPP Zulkarnain Hassan. Acquittals of Dato Ramli Yusuff and Dato Yasin convinced me that Lawyer Rosli Dahlan will be acquitted without his defence being called, InshaAllah (God Willing).

Din Merican

Di muatnaik dari Din Merican: the Malaysian DJ Blogger .

Anda sepatutnya tahu, mengapa saya terlalu anti dgn PRDM, khususnya Musa Hasan, mengharamkan Utusan Malaysia dari bacaan keluarga saya sejak dari 1999.

Peguam Rosli Dahlan, tu lebih hebat dari Razak Musa yang bahasa Ingerisnya entah apa apa. Dia tercicir masa MCE, dimana ramai rakan rakannya masuk U dan keluar negera atas biasiswa, sedangkan beliau meneruskan Tingkatan 6 di SM King Edward. Beliau sebahagian dari Pengawas Sekolah dan Asrama yang mengamalkan budaya diktator dan membuli junior. Ramai junior yang ingat 'kerakusan' beliau . Saorang lagi, Pegawai Kanan Polis yang diberhentikan, atas kes kematian tahanan dalam lokap, tahun 80an, dimana mangsa dituduh memecah masuk Mayban Finance melaui terowong. Kini beliau Pengarah Penguatkuasa MBSA?

Semoga minda anda terbuka bila membaca artikel ini. Satu penulisan terbaik dari Din Merican.

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